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Great professional kit for the HENNA BROWS procedure - with tattoo effect.

"MAYAMY" eyebrow henna is: a natural composition, handy natural capsules. 4 popular shades. By mixing the colors together, you can create a wide palette of colors!

Very economical in use, improves eyebrow growth and lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 8 weeks on the hairs! The bio tattoo kit helps to create the perfect eyebrows and to choose the right color.

"Organic tattooing through henna!"

The quality of henna and its durability even before the procedure depend in many ways on the storage conditions. The more often henna comes into contact with air, the more moist it will become and the worse it will fall during the procedure. Our technologists have found a successful solution not only to maintain the original quality of henna, but also for the comfortable course of the procedure itself. Thanks to the handy and completely natural nanocapsules, you no longer have to deal with plastic bags, loss of dust or dirty hands.

The kit includes everything you need for 50 or more procedures:

  • "MAYAMY" henna (30 capsules), black color, set 6 g
  • "MAYAMY" henna (30 capsules), brown color, set 6 g
  • "MAYAMY" henna (30 capsules), dark brown, set 6 g
  • "MAYAMY" henna (30 capsules), light brown color, set 6 g
  • "MAYAMY" mineral solution for thinning henna, 30 ml
  • "MAYAMY" shampoo for eyebrows, 30 ml
  • "MAYAMY" conditioner for eyebrows, 30 ml
  • "MAYAMY" color fixation lotion, 30 ml
  • "MAYAMY" eyebrow zone gel, 10 g
  • "MAYAMY" cleanser for cleansing the skin after shaping the eyebrow, 10 ml
  • Beveled brush for coloring eyebrows (classic)
  • Glass beaker for thinning paint / henna, 10 ml
  • Cosmetic bag with the INNOVATOR COSMETICS logo

Precautionary measures:

  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do an allergy test before use.
  • We do not recommend dyeing eyelashes.
  • Contraindication in case of damaged skin in the area of ​​application.


  • Do not wet for 24-48 hours.